A Useless Memecoin The ROSY token is a useless ERC-20 memecoin created for fun and experimental purposes. It has no intrinsic value and no formal team or business behind it.

No Guarantee of Value or Profit You understand and acknowledge that you should have no reasonable expectation of future appreciation or monetary return resultant of acquiring the ROSY token. There is no future business, revenue, earnings, or value from holding the token.

No Utility or Governance Rights Ownership of the ROSY tokens do not represent any economic ownership of any kind whatsoever and are not instruments of equity in any legal entity, structure, association, or any other commercial or non-commercial enterprise.

No Future Accretion, Utility, or Value Expectation The ROSY token will never be more than a useless memecoin. Any plans for further development that may arise, if ever, surrounding the ROSY token are merely for experimental purposes. You understand and acknowledge that you should not be holding the ROSY tokens, reasonably expecting for any development to occur. Holding the token is at your own risk, and holders should acknowledge that Web3 smart contracts are very high risk in nature.

Final Acknowledgement Where you have chosen to acquire ROSY tokens, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood, and accepted all of the risks and information outlined above.